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The length of the papers must be 8 pages at most. They will be electronically transmitted in order to be published and must observe the following conditions:

• A4 Format, the line spacing will be 1,5, the left margins - 3 cm, the rest of the margins - 2 cm, Office 97, 2000 or XP, fonts - Times New Roman,12, normal, justify.

• The title of the paper: font - Times New Roman (14), bold, centred.

• Author's name, surname and affiliation: font - Times New Roman (12), bold italics, aligned on the left, two spaces from the title.

• The abstract: in English or French, 10-12 lines, fonts - Times New Roman (12), italics, justify, two spaces from the author's name.

• The paper content: Times New Roman (12), justify, normal.

• Figures are numbered as below:

Fig. 1 (size 12, centred, normal)

• Tables will be numbered on the right upper side, as in the model:

Table 1 (size 10 bold)





• References must be written as footnotes, automatically numbered; the fonts will be Times New Roman, size 10, justify, normal, the title of the quoted paper must be written in italics.

• Bibliography: at the end of the paper, Times New Roman (10), bold, centred, in alphabetical order : [1] Author, title (italics), publishing house, year.

Pages must not be numbered!

One individual paper or two teamwork papers will be accepted for being published.
You must mention whether the paper was presented at another conference.

Note: We shall publish only the papers that will observe the lay-out rules and the established terms.
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